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The Ferris Foundation has always been an institution of opportunity, one that meets challenges head on. Through our comprehensive campaign, we plan to raise a sizable endowment to continually fund student scholarships, other critical initiatives like renovating and expanding facilities and supporting faculty initiatives and programs.

That's where we need your help. Will you join with us to keep The Ferris Foundation strong and agile so we can continue to meet the challenges of the 21st century? Get started today by exploring the planned giving options available to you.

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The Ferris State University Statue

Ferris' first-ever comprehensive campaign,
Now & Always, will have a transformational effect. The $115 million goal will increases scholarship support to our hard-working students, who currently leave with $35,000 in debt on average. Funding will also support increased program initiatives as well as the expansion and renovation of campus facilities. Ultimately, the campaign will enhance Michigan's future—creating the talent base our state and region need.

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